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Bipartisan Effort Repeals Three-Day Waiting Period For Law Enforcement Purchasing Guns

MGN Online

Florida House Minority Leader Janet Cruz says Democrats are working on different ways to help the state’s law enforcement and corrections officers. The House Democratic Leader from Tampa says that includes a pair of bills by Rep. Robert Asencio (D-Miami) .

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MGN Online

“...that would make uniform the standards for training prospective law enforcement and corrections officers and would repeal the 3-day waiting period for members of law enforcement to purchase a handgun,” Cruz said, during a recent AP Legislative Planning Session.

Currently, concealed carry permit holders are exempt from the three-day waiting period when they purchase a gun. So, in a statement, Asencio says it only makes sense those trusted to protect our communities are offered the same courtesy. Asencio is also working on the effort with Rep. Don Hahnfeldt (R-The Villages).

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