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ReThink Energy Florida Warns Of Risks From Sabal Trail Pipeline

After months of protests the federal government is rerouting the North Dakota Access Pipeline, the Sabal Trail gas pipeline is still undergoing construction. Florida clean energy advocates see the move as a way to generate awareness of another one: Sabal Trail. The group ReThink Energy Florida wants to warn people about the dangers of a pipeline.

Kim Ross, President of ReThink Energy Florida, says pipelines "have a likelihood of leaking, and so that can cause contamination." Ross’ main issue with pipelines is that they’re providing an infrastructure for fossil fuel instead of renewable alternatives.

"Sometimes they have a likelihood of exploding, or they can explode, I won’t say they have a likelihood of exploding," Ross said. "But they can exploding. There have been literally hundreds of pipelines exploding, or having incidents across the United States over the past couple of years. I think it’s an average of two a day."

But industry officials say Ross is wrong. David Mica is the Executive Director of The Florida Petroleum Council.

"Florida will be better served when this pipeline is completed and in line, and making more competitive, natural gas available to us," Mica said. "We currently have two really main pipelines in Florida, and this addition will be a real positive benefit to all Floridians."

The pipeline is being built for a cost of $3.2 billion. It will run through Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

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Catherine Buckler