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Mayor: Wynwood Art Events Are Safe, Ready With Bug Repellent


Miami-Dade County officials say it's safe to attend a monthly art festival in the Miami neighborhood linked to Zika cases.

According to a statement from the Miami-Dade County mayor's office, volunteers will hand out repellent and pamphlets about preventing mosquito bites to people attending events Saturday evening in the Wynwood arts district.

Florida health officials have linked Wynwood to over two dozen Zika infections apparently spread by Miami mosquitoes. The county is spraying pesticides throughout the 1-square-mile area.

Some charities also hand out mosquito repellent. Feeding Florida began offering it Friday in South Florida food banks.

Tampa's Metropolitan Ministries quickly ran out of "Zika Kits" it started distributing in June. Spo keswoman Ariel DeWitt says more supplies were ordered for clients living in the woods, in tents or on the streets.