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Osceola County Approves Ordinance Decriminalizing Marijuana

Another central Florida county passes an ordinance to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana. Osceola County commissioners passed an ordinance giving law enforcement officers the option to issue a civil infraction instead of arresting someone found with 20 grams of marijuana or less.

Vice Chairwoman Cheryl Grieb said the officer will make that decision.

“They have the option of issuing a civil citation which would be a fine as opposed to just sending them to jail and having a record and all those types of things,” said Grieb.

The fine will be $100. Cities in Osceola County can opt-in or out of this ordinance. Grieb would also like to see the county start a diversion program to give people counseling if they need it for substance abuse.

The ordinance is expected to kick in by July 30th.