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Florida Supreme Court Takes Up Gambling, Death Penalty, Open Carry

Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court
Credit Florida Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court

The Florida Supreme Court will take up several cases that could reshape gambling, the death penalty and open carry laws in the state.  Justices will hear oral arguments this week, starting Tuesday.

A St. Lucie man is challenging the constitutionality of a state law that bans the open carry of firearms. Dale Norman was arrested in 2012 with his gun in plain view, but holstered. He was charged with a second degree misdemeanor, and claims the state’s open carry ban violates the second amendment.

And the city of Gretna will be at the center of a case that could impact whether voters have a say in expanding gambling. The case centers on whether the Gretna racing facility can offer slot machines based upon a voters approving them. The state says that authorization has to come from the legislature. Five other counties have approved slot machines through voter referendum.

The court will also wade back into the death penalty. It will take up a challenge to a new law requiring 10 of 12 jurors to recommend death sentences, but critics, citing a January ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court say such recommendations should be unanimous.

Also on the docket is a review of state laws limiting attorney’s fees in claims bills, and similar limits in personal-injury malpractice cases.

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