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Too Soon to Rule on Pot Caregivers

Claims that Florida’s medical marijuana amendment includes a “drug dealer” loophole may be premature, as certain rules behind the proposed law haven’t been written yet.

PolitiFact reviewed statements promoted on the Vote No On 2 website, saying that it’s as easy to become a caregiver wanting to distribute pot as it is to get a driver’s license. Another group, Don’t let Florida Go to Pot, makes similar claims that background checks and training are not required for people wanting to give patients medical marijuana, PolitiFact reports.

The current ballot summary does includes some guidelines for caregivers, including a minimum age requirement of 21, and that they cannot oversee the dispensing of pot to more than five patients, PolitiFact says. If the amendment passes, more details will be drafted within six months, PolitiFact reports. 

Politifact said it will wait to issue a ruling on the claims.

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