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Medicaid Fraud Suspect: 'I got greedy’

A Marion County woman accused of defrauding Medicaid said in an affidavit she was caught up in living well and "got greedy," the Ocala Star-Bannerreports.

Investigators say Jennifer Sewell admitted to submitting $60,000 in false claims when she was the primary Medicaid biller and a care provider at Hanna House of Care in Ocala, the Star-Banner reports. At the time, she was supposed to be caring for three disabled adults who are enrolled in Florida’s Agency for Persons with Disabilities Medicaid waiver program.

In unrelated news, an Ocala woman is on trial for operating an unlicensed assisted living facility in her home, the Ocala Star-Bannerreports. The Salvation Army referred elderly patients to Mary Deneen Alexander to stay as they waited for a bed in a licensed facility. Instead, she housed elderly patients in her home, locked up some of their medications and didn’t provide nutritious meals, the Star-Banner reports.

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