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Hospital Disputes Baby Delivery Claim

A Boynton Beach couple’s claim that they delivered their baby unattended Sunday morning has led Bethesda Health to conduct an investigation, the Palm Beach Postreports (paywall alert).

Indira Ali was examined in a delivery area of Bethesda Hospital East. Her doctor initially ordered a labor-inducing drug, Pitocin, but ordered the medication stopped when she had to perform an emergency c-section elsewhere in the hospital,the Post reports.

The couple says the baby arrived while a nurse was out of the room, and that the husband delivered their daughter. Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Kronhaus said medical charts reflect that the Ali’s baby was delivered by a nurse, the Post reports..

A hospital statement said one nurse left to notify the doctor, while another nurse delivered the baby, with the doctor returning “within minutes” to complete the delivery, the Postreports.

Dr. Elana Deutsch, the Alis’ doctor, told the Post she felt terrible about the delivery, indicating that the nurse may have been new on the job, the Postreports.

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