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Steroid Doc, Pharmacist Not Guilty

A Palm Beach County physician and pharmacist have been cleared of charges that their treatment of patients with human growth hormone, testosterone and anabolic steroids was little more than drug dealing.

Dr. Timothy Sigman and Peter Del Toro were cleared on all 44 charges brought by federal prosecutors, the Palm Beach Post reports (paywall alert).

The jury deliberated for more than 30 hours over six days to reach its conclusion for Sigman, a 42-year-old internist, and Del Toro, 40, owner of the former Treasure Coast Specialty Pharmacy.

In the three-month-long trial, Sigman and Del Toro argued they believed the use of steroids and other drugs were a “cutting-edge” treatment effective in fighting age-related illness.

Prosecutors, however, maintained the practice of consulting patients over the phone and mailing the drugs to them was illegal, the Post reported. The government also noted that the pair and their sales associates didn’t charge patients for consultations. Instead, they shared in the profits of drug sales.

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