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Bugs in Food, Addictive Drinks Cause Concern

“Red Dye No. 4,” which is made from crushed insects, is commonly found in yogurt, ice cream and other popular products. That discovery has spurred a petition drive by consumer groups to get it taken out or at least relabeled, as the Palm Beach Post reports. 

Meanwhile, a couple from Jupiter is suing the Purple Lotus Kava Bar, claiming they became addicted to the drinks that contained an ingredient that has been used in Southeast Asia as a substitute for opium, the Palm Beach Postreports. Erica and Michael Siegel say they had no idea the beverages they enjoyed several times a day contained kratom; they claim they spent thousands on medical treatments to break their addiction. Kratom is on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s watch list because people can get hooked on it, but the bar’s owner disputes the couple’s allegations.

Originally founded in December 2006 as an independent grassroots publication dedicated to coverage of health issues in Florida, Health News Florida was acquired by WUSF Public Media in September 2012.