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Affordable Care Act

Rubio Rhetoric Draws Fire


Along with two other Tea Party favorites, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio declared on Tuesday that Congress needs to kill Obamacare by taking away all funds to implement it, even if it means a government shutdown as of Sept. 30. The vote comes up shortly after Congress’ five-week recess that begins Friday and lasts through Labor Day.

But his stance is not playing well with some senior members of the Republican Party, one of whom called the threat “dumb” and another “silly,” the Tampa Bay Times reports. They recall that the public was not pleased with the last such showdown.

Politico reports that House Speaker John Boehner will tell those who favor shutting down the government that he has a different strategy, one that won’t place the House Republican majority at risk in the 2014 elections.

In other news about Rubio and the Affordable Care Act, PolitiFact has tagged the senator with its worst rating -- Pants on Fire -- for vastly overstating the effect of the law on employment, even after the bad statistic was pointed out.