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Employers Struggle to Understand Law

While the Affordable Care Act is still six months away from being fully implemented, employers are looking at healthcare by the numbers - namely 49 and 29, according to the Ocala Star Banner. (Editor’s note: Readers may encounter paywall.)

Both the 49ers and the 29ers are part of the new jargon when it comes to what employers will need to offer insurance through ACA when it goes into effect.  Most large employers already offer full-time employees health insurance; those that don’t must do so as of Jan. 1 or pay a penalty. But who are the large employers? What kind of penalty?

“Large employers” are considered those with 50 or more employees; those with fewer than 50 -- the 49ers - will be exempt.  Full-time will be considered 30 hours or more; fewer than 30 hours - the 29ers - are part-timers, according to the new health law.

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