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Cancer Fund: 2nd-Worst Charity

In the latest installment of their series on the nation's worst charities, the Tampa Bay Times and Center for Investigative Reporting describe the second-worst: the Cancer Fund and affiliated money-raising organizations operated by the extended family of James T. Reynolds Sr. of Tennessee.

Only about 1 cent of every dollar donated to the Reynolds families' charities ended up as cash assistance to cancer patients or their families, according to a chart prepared by the investigative team.

In the past three years, the reporters found, Cancer Fund and its affiliates took in $110 million but most of that -- $75 million -- went to the fund-raisers. Salaries for family members accounted for $8 million, 13 times more than went to those in need.

In an earlier installment, the worst charity on the list was identified as the Kids Wish Network in Tampa Bay.