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'Zombie Attack' Victim Goes Public

Screen grab from Jackson Health System YouTube video.

Ronald Poppo, the homeless man who lost his sight and much of his face in a bizarre attack on a Miami street almost a year ago, is recovering from his injuries and learning how to cope with being blind, his doctors say. 

For the past month, he has been living in a long-term-care center affiliated with Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he underwent four surgeries to reconstruct the missing part of his face.

At a news conference today, Poppo thanked his doctors and the public, played the guitar and discussed his new life in a soft, calm voice. His caregivers said he stays positive most of the time. You can view the video below.

 His attacker, Rudy Eugene, was killed by police during the attack, which included plucking out Poppo’s eyeballs and chewing off much of his face.

 The autopsy found no definitive explanation for Eugene’s bizarre behavior.

More coverage, including photos and videos, can be found at HuffPost Miami.

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