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Capitol: Texting, Med-Mal, Others

The capitol buildings in Tallahassee

Concerns about privacy are behind an amendment that drastically weakened a ban on texting while driving -- which passed Wednesday in the House -- and swirled around a bill on medical malpractice, still pending in the House. 

The texting-while-driving ban passed the House 110 to 6 and headed back to the Senate as a very different bill than the one that chamber sent to the House, as the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports.

The House voted around noon Wednesday to approve a bill on medical malpractice. (Update: It's on its way to the governor's desk.)

They will vote later Wednesday afternoon on a bill that updates eligibility requirements for the state’s insurance marketplace, Florida Health Choices.

Several health-related bills are on their way to Gov. Rick Scott’s desk for his signature, including:

  • A bill that limits the amount doctors can charge for repackaged drugs for workers' compensation patients.
  • A bill that includes a provision to allow video testimony from children who are abused to be used as evidence in court in some cases. 
  • A measure that would make it more difficult for patients who voluntarily seek hospital treatment for mental illnesses to get a permit for a gun, the Florida Times-Union reports.
  • A bill that replaces the phrase “mental retardation” with “intellectual disabilities” within the text of state laws, the Miami Herald reports.
  • A measure that terminates a rapist’s parental rights when the assault produces a child, the Miami Herald reports.