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Capitol: Designer Drugs, PIP, Water Quality

A new law has added more synthetic drugs to the state’s controlled substances list, the Associated Pressreports.  It’s now a third-degree felony to make or sell these drugs that are more commonly known by their street names: K2, spice and bath salts. 


It’s unlikely lawmakers will get rid of the state’s personal injury protection (PIP) no-fault insurance system this session,the Florida Current reports. The bill in the Senate never made it to the Appropriations Committee, and there’s no companion bill in the House.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are slamming lawmakers in both chambers, the Florida Current reports. The Senate has passed a measure that will assist state regulators with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection as they set water quality standards. In the House, lawmakers have added an amendment to a permitting bill that will put a moratorium on new local fertilizer ordinances. 

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