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Immigration Issues Take Center Stage

Four years after Russian efforts to sow division in the U.S., Rubio warned: "I’m not sure that we’re any less vulnerable than we once were."
The Florida Channel
Leon County Judge John Cooper on June 30, 2022, in a screen grab from The Florida Channel.

While U.S. Sen.Marco Rubio and other Florida lawmakers tout their support for an overhaul of immigration policies, a showdown over emergency room care for illegal immigrants continues in Florida.

The Agency for Healthcare Administration is appealing a ruling concerning the extent of care Medicaid would pay for, News Service of Florida reports. A judge agreed with hospitals that AHCA violated state rules when it adopted the new standards.

That case highlights just one of the issues involving illegal immigration -- now, some lawmakers at the federal level are looking at a comprehensive overhaul.

"I see the good of immigration, I see how important it is for our future,” Rubio said. He also noted the problems of illegal immigration and the need for policy changes, the Naples Daily News reports.  

Rubio, a Republican, is backed by Florida’s other U.S. senator, Democrat Bill Nelson. Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, whose district is in South Florida, said a bill he helped draft in the House is very similar to what lawmakers in the Senate want, according to the Daily News.