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800 Turn Out for Great Python Hunt

Miami Herald

Gee, wouldn't it be a great way to spend the weekend, hunting huge killer pythons in the Everglades?  Comic writer Dave Barry of The Miami Herald thinks it's just another way in which Florida demonstrates its flair for insanity by offering prizes to whoever snags the biggest or the most pythons.  What could go wrong? 

More than 800 amateur snake hunters signed up for the month-long 2013 Python Challenge, which began in Davie on Saturday. Joe Wasilewski, a seasoned licensed snake-hunter there to help the newbies, told a reporter it's best to grab a python by the head: "The second you grab whatever part of it, it is going to try to bite you. That's not a maybe."

But humans aren't really the prey at risk, as the Associated Press reports. The pythons are an invasive species introduced into the Everglades by accident or carelessness, and they have no natural predators there.