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Health News Florida

Story Behind the Story: Gov. Scott's Medicaid Estimates


Health News Florida’s story on Gov. Rick Scott’s Medicaid cost estimates generated a huge buzz this week online and in publications around the country.

On Thursday, WUSF aired a conversation between News Director Scott Finn and Health News Florida’s editor Carol Gentry, who broke the story. The WUSF story-behind-the-story tells how it came to light.

Meanwhile, NPR’s All Things Considered aired Greg Allen’s coverage of the revelation that the state’s chief economist warned the staff of Gov. Rick Scott last month that he was using incorrect – grossly inflated – cost estimates but that he continued using them anyway.

NPR quoted Rep. Mark Pafford, D-Broward: “To me, it suggests that the governor’s not having an honest conversation – not only with the folks who are going to depend on the Affordable Care Act, but also with major officials in Washington, D.C.”