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93% Of FL Kids Immunized

New data from Florida's Department of Health shows 93.3 percent of Florida's kindergarten students have been immunized.

That immunization rate falls a bit short of the state's goal to have 95 percent of all kindergarten students immunized for diseases such as polio and measles. But it's the highest overall rate since 2007.

The Florida Department of Health report also shows that 40 of the state's 67 counties have rates that meet or exceed the 95 percent goal.

The two counties with the lowest reported immunization rate for kindergarten students are DeSoto County and Palm Beach County.

DeSoto County has an immunization rate of 80.2 percent while Palm Beach County reported an 89.4 percent rate. Tiny Liberty County in the state's panhandle had a 100 percent rate.

A total of nearly 214,000 kindergarten students had proof of immunizations. The report is assembled from information received from both public and private schools.

The same report also showed that 95.7 percent of all 7th graders in the state had proof of immunization. A total of 59 counties met or exceeded the 95 percent goal rate.

Duval County had the lowest immunization rate for 7th graders with 88.5 percent.