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3 Colorado teens are arrested in the death of a woman killed by a rock while driving

Three Colorado 18-year-olds are accused of killing a 20-year-old woman by throwing rocks at her car and have been charged with first-degree murder in connection with her death, the sheriff's office said Wednesday.

Joseph Koenig, Nicholas "Mitch" Karol-Chik and Zachary Kwak, all from Arvada, Colorado, were allegedly driving around throwing "large landscaping rocks" at several cars last Wednesday night, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

The last car they allegedly hit belonged to Alexa Bartell, who was on the phone with a friend when the rock came through her windshield. She then crashed her vehicle, but was killed by the rock and not the collision, according to a JCSO spokesperson.

The suspects were arrested at their respective homes in Arvada, which is about 10 miles northwest of Denver.

Additional charges could be brought against the teenagers, the sheriff's office said.

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Ayana Archie
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