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Florida Roundup: An Eye On Cuba And Florida's Health Care

On the Florida Roundup, we discuss the week's news with the area's top journalists. Here's a quick recap of the issues we'll discuss on the show.

U.S. And Cuba Relations

The presidents met at the Summit of the Americas.Days following the recommendations from the State Department, President Obama shared his plan to remove Cuba from the list of states that sponsor terrorism. This is another historic turn of events in normalizing diplomatic relations with the island.

Marco Rubio

The Florida senator formally announced his intentions to run for president on the steps of Miami's Freedom Tower on Monday.  

Florida Legislature 

The chambers are feeling the pressure to come to an agreement on a budget before session ends. Medicaid expansion continues to be the contentious issue between lawmakers. Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday his plans to sue the Obama administrationon grounds that the feds are trying to force Florida into Medicaid expansion.

Scott signed a bill that reduces testing for public school students, and legislators voted to repeal the state gay adoption ban.

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Host Tom Hudson is joined by David Adamsof Reuters, Calvin Hughes from WPLG Local 10, Marc Caputo of Politico, Kathleen McGrory from the Miami Herald/ Tampa Bay Times, Dara Kam of the News Service Florida and Tim Padgettfrom WLRN.

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Stefania Ferro brings South Floridians into the reporting process. She asks locals topical questions and shares their answers. The community's insights are often published in the Miami Herald and heard on WLRN 91.3 FM.