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Georgia Town Loses Two Soldiers

The small town of Conyers, southeast of Atlanta, has lost two soldiers in Iraq -- Pfc. Diego Rincon, 19, and Army Spc. Jamaal Addison, 22. Conyers has been growing because of its proximity to Georgia's capital city, but it still has a small-town personality -- and many people there have passionate feelings about the war, and the town's losses. Hear NPR's Kathy Lohr.

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Whether covering the manhunt and eventual capture of Eric Robert Rudolph in the mountains of North Carolina, the remnants of the Oklahoma City federal building with its twisted metal frame and shattered glass, flood-ravaged Midwestern communities, or the terrorist bombings across the country, including the blast that exploded in Centennial Olympic Park in downtown Atlanta, correspondent Kathy Lohr has been at the heart of stories all across the nation.