guardian ad litem

Unless Florida lawmakers act, an organization created to aid in the efforts of Florida’s Guardian ad Litem program is set to expire later this year.

Lawyers Could Add Ad Litem Support

May 20, 2014

In a doublewide trailer, eight people sit at desks clustered into two groups, talking and arguing with each other. They look to the teacher for help when they get stuck.

The scene looks a whole lot like a high school classroom.

But the students here aren’t taking world lit. They’re adults learning how to advocate for kids through the Guardian Ad Litem Program.

So it’s kind of appropriate, this flashback to childhood - Ad litems are supposed to be the voice of kids when there are questions about abuse or neglect.

Following another year in which too many children died, lawmakers promised to make Florida a safer place for the state’s at-risk children.  However, according to the Miami Herald, the legislators' own pet home-town projects have taken precedence in the budget.

Many children’s advocates claim that legislative leaders have failed to back their promises with actions that will actually help the state’s abused and neglected children.