2nd District Court of Appeal

Supreme Court Sides With Plaintiffs On Malpractice Records

Nov 1, 2017

Warning of attempts to “whittle away” at a 2004 constitutional amendment, the Florida Supreme Court has rejected arguments by hospitals that they should be shielded from turning over records to plaintiffs in medical-malpractice cases.

Court Upholds $12M In Punitive Damages In Tobacco Case

Sep 17, 2017
p1 lawyer / Flickr

Rejecting arguments by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company that the amount was “excessive,” a state appeals court Friday upheld a jury's award of $12.36 million in punitive damages in a smoking-related death.

Appeals Court Overturns Sentence In Dementia Case

May 18, 2017
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A state appeals court Wednesday overturned a sentence that would have allowed a woman to stay out prison after being convicted of taking $1.6 million from investment accounts of her dementia-suffering stepfather.

Court: Defendant Entitled To Autopsy Photos

Nov 10, 2016
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A man sentenced to life in prison for the 1991 murder of his 11-month-old stepson should have access to autopsy photos as he challenges the conviction, an appeals court ruled Wednesday.

Court Allows Case Against Pharmacy In Man's Death

May 12, 2016
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A state appeals court Wednesday said a lawsuit can move forward against a compounding pharmacy in the death of an Ohio man who received a fatal dose of pain medication while on vacation in Southwest Florida.

Court Rejects Law On Payments To Private Hospitals

Aug 17, 2015

An appeals court Friday ruled that part of a 2003 state law directing Sarasota County to reimburse private hospitals for indigent care is unconstitutional.

A three-judge panel of the 2nd District Court of Appeal upheld a circuit judge's finding that the requirement was an unconstitutional "special law" because it would single out private hospitals in Sarasota County for the reimbursements.

A state appeals court is backing a Tampa teen’s request to not notify her parents  that she wanted to get an abortion.

The News Service of Florida said the 2nd District Court of Appeal decision was the second case in a week related to the 2004 constitutional amendment about parental notification.

The court said a circuit judge disregarded the 18-year-old’s testimony that she researched abortion procedures and risks and considered alternatives.