State Senate Wants Your 2 Cents

Dec 11, 2012

Senate President Don Gaetz set up the site for two-way communication on PPACA.

Last week's organizational meeting of the Senate Select Committee on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was a bit rowdy, with anti-"ObamaCare" activists loudly insisting that the legislature "nullify" the federal law.

This week, the Senate unveiled a website in which constituents can register their opinions about the law in a quieter way. It also saves Floridians the burden of making the trip.

"The new tools on this website will ensure that citizens who cannot travel to Tallahassee are able to play a meaningful role in the process,” Senate President Don Gaetz said in a press release.

The web site offers a sign-up site to receive updates on the progress of the committee, set up to advise the Senate on how Florida should implement the PPACA (pee-packa).

The two major decisions Florida needs to make right away are whether to go along with a federally-funded expansion of Medicaid (voting "no" means forfeiting billions in federal funding) and whether to participate in setting up a health exchange, an online shopping site.