Orlando Health Will Close Hubbard House Next Week Citing Costly Repairs

Dec 7, 2018

Orlando Health is closing a guest house for families of patients with serious medical conditions.

The Hubbard House near the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children will close December 14th after Orlando Health decided it was too costly to make repairs to the old Victorian home.

The home provided a space for family members who would otherwise have to travel long distances to stay with loved ones who were hospitalized or receiving long-term treatment.

Minimal donations from families payed for daily upkeep of the house that provided 16 guest rooms with comforts like dining areas, laundry facilities and group spaces, all within walking distance of the hospital. The rest was paid for by donations from local community sponsors and hospital staff.

Orlando Health says it’s working with local hotels to provide other affordable housing options for families during the transition.

The hospital network also is evaluating sites for a replacement home, while the Ronald McDonald House will continue to offer long-term housing for families of children treated at the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children and Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies.